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Discover The Most Luxurious Marinas Around The World

Boats at a luxury marina

What are some of the most luxurious marinas around the world? As an aficionado of opulent yachting destinations, you might be curious to explore and experience these extravagant havens. In this blog post, we will take a journey through Europe’s finest marinas, from Marina Grande on Capri Island to Puerto Banús in Marbella along Costa del Sol.

Europe’s Most Luxurious Marinas

European marinas offer unparalleled luxury and amenities for yacht owners, guests, and crew. These exclusive destinations include Marina Grande on the island of Capri, Marina di Porto Cervo in Sardinia, Marina di Portofino in Italy, Ibiza Magna in Spain’s Balearic Islands, and Puerto Banus in Marbella along Costa del Sol.


Grand Harbour Marina, Malta

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Grand Harbour Marina is a hugely popular destination for superyacht owners. The marina offers berths for larger vessels up to 135m and boasts iconic facilities such as the Grand Hotel Excelsior and the iconic Las Ramblas.


Marina Grande, Italy

Marina Grande is located in the quintessential celebrity destination of Capri, Italy. The marina can accommodate superyachts up to 60m and offers breathtaking views of the island’s rugged coastline.


Port de Saint Tropez, France

Port de Saint Tropez offers access to the city’s beautiful beaches and is a famous destination for the superyacht set. The marina can accommodate vessels up to 70m and is in the heart of the French Riviera.


Marina di Portofino, Italy

Marina di Portofino is a picturesque marina located in the Italian Riviera. The marina can accommodate vessels up to 60m and offers access to incredible restaurants and world-famous attractions.


Limassol Marina, Cyprus

Limassol Marina is a modern marina located in Cyprus and offers luxurious homes and apartments for yacht owners and their guests. The marina can accommodate vessels up to 110m and is located near the iconic Limassol Castle.


Porto Montenegro, Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is one of the world’s most expensive marinas and is a hugely popular destination for the world’s elite. The marina can accommodate vessels up to 250m and offers access to expensive clubs and the famous Porto Montenegro Yacht Club.


Port Vauban, France

Port Vauban is in the quintessential French Riviera town of Antibes and is a famous port for superyachts. The marina can accommodate vessels up to 170m and is located near the iconic Fort Carre.


Port Hercules, Monaco

Port Hercules is located in the principality’s flamboyant image and is a famous port for superyachts. The marina can accommodate vessels up to 130m and is located near the iconic Monaco Grand Prix circuit.


Port Tarraco, Spain

Port Tarraco is located in the Spanish city of Tarragona and is a popular destination for superyachts. The marina can accommodate vessels up to 160m and is located near the iconic FC Barcelona stadium.

These marinas offer worthwhile places to berth yachts and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle that comes with it.

For those seeking a luxurious and exclusive yachting experience, Europe’s most prestigious marinas provide breathtaking views of some of the continent’s loveliest shorelines. With that in mind, let us explore Caribbean luxury yachting destinations to find out what they have to offer.

Young couple relaxing at a luxury marina

Caribbean Luxury Yachting Destinations

The Caribbean Sea offers an exotic location for luxury yachting enthusiasts seeking upscale facilities catering to huge yachts. Two of the most sought-after destinations in this region are St. Barts and Yacht Haven Grande.


St. Barts’ Exotic Location within the Caribbean Sea

St. Barts, a hugely popular destination among the world’s elite, is known for its incredible landscapes, pristine beaches, and exclusive marinas that accommodate superyachts with ease. With access to some of the city’s beautiful beaches like Baie de Pampelonne and luxurious homes nearby, St. Barts has become a quintessential celebrity destination.


Yacht Haven Grande Superyacht Services

Yacht Haven Grande, located in St. Thomas, provides top-notch superyacht marina services alongside great fishing opportunities and modern amenities such as on-site fueling stations and laundry facilities. This makes it one of the worthwhile places to visit when exploring expensive clubs around famous ports or enjoying iconic nightlife at grand hotels near world-famous attractions.

Caribbean luxury yachting destinations offer a unique experience of breathtaking views, exquisite cuisine, and unforgettable memories. With the Middle Eastern gems such as Yas Marina and Athens Marina, you can explore new horizons while enjoying top-quality services and facilities.


Middle Eastern Gems – Yas Marina & Athens Marina

Two luxurious marinas in the Middle East are worth mentioning for their exceptional services and breathtaking views. Yas Marina, located in Abu Dhabi, boasts seven new restaurants that provide panoramic vistas overlooking its pristine waters. This marina is a perfect destination for yacht owners who appreciate fine dining while enjoying beautiful surroundings.

  • Yas Marina Restaurants Offering Panoramic Vistas Overlooking Pristine Waters: The variety of cuisines available at these incredible restaurants caters to every taste, making it an ideal spot for food enthusiasts as well.


In Greece, you will find another gem: Athens Marina. This upscale facility offers top-quality services and amenities specifically designed for yacht owners seeking unforgettable experiences along the stunning Greek coastlines. With a wide range of entertainment options nearby, this marina ensures visitors have plenty to explore during their stay.

  • Athens Marina Top-Quality Services And Facilities: From high-speed internet access to modern docking systems, Athens Marina provides everything needed for a seamless yachting experience.


Yas Marina and Athens Marina offer some of the most luxurious marinas in the Middle East, with their stunning views and top-notch services. For an exclusive Mediterranean getaway, Montenegro’s Porto Montenegro and Malta’s Grand Harbour are also great options to explore.

Exclusive Mediterranean Getaways – Porto Montenegro and Grand Harbor Marina

The Mediterranean is renowned for its exquisite marinas, with Porto Montenegro and Grand Harbor Marina being two of the most sought-after destinations. These marinas offer a unique blend of modern amenities, breathtaking landscapes, and rich cultural experiences.


Porto Montenegro’s Modern Amenities and Entertainment Village

Situated on the picturesque Bay of Kotor, Porto Montenegro boasts state-of-the-art facilities that cater to superyachts and their discerning owners. The marina features high-speed internet access at each berth point, as well as an entertainment village offering incredible restaurants, shopping outlets, and nightlife options for guests.


Grand Harbor Marina’s Breathtaking Views

Nestled within the historic city of Valletta in Malta lies Grand Harbor Marina – a hugely popular destination among yacht enthusiasts due to its stunning views and proximity to famous destinations like Mdina and Gozo Island. With berths accommodating vessels up to 135 meters long, this marina provides top-notch services while maintaining its old-world charm.

The luxurious Mediterranean getaways of Porto Montenegro and Grand Harbor Marina offer some of the most breathtaking views in Europe, making them ideal for those looking to experience a truly exclusive yachting adventure. Upcoming luxury marinas around the world are now offering more opportunities for international yacht owners, to explore new destinations with modern amenities and entertainment.


Upcoming Luxury Marinas around the World

As yachting gained popularity due to pandemic-related travel restrictions, new superyacht marinas developed or were planned worldwide. In response to this growing demand, some exciting projects have emerged.


Costa Rica Welcomes International Yachting

Costa Rica has opened its arms to international yachting by passing a law allowing luxury charter vessels over 25m to legally operate within its waters. This move is expected to attract more yacht owners and enthusiasts seeking pristine beaches and unique experiences in Central America.


Turks and Caicos’ Exclusive Beachfront Property Development

The Turks and Caicos’ Strand private residential community plans an exclusive beachfront property, with marina frontage catering towards the growing post-pandemic demand for luxurious homes near world-famous attractions. This development will provide residents with easy access to their yachts while enjoying incredible restaurants, expensive clubs, and the city’s beautiful beaches.


America’s Premier Marinas – Palm Beach Marina & Montage Cay Resort

The Palm Beach Marina in Florida boasts docks up to 130m alongside high-speed internet connectivity, long-term parking, fuel dock, and boat detailing services. The marina recently underwent a $40 million renovation which includes the addition of the Royal Palm Dock scheduled for reopening on November 1st this year. This luxurious destination offers modern amenities that cater to both yacht owners and their guests.


Palm Beach Marina’s Comprehensive Services & Renovation
  • High-speed internet connectivity at each berth point.
  • Long-term parking facilities for yacht owners and guests.
  • Fuel dock with on-site fueling stations.
  • Boat detailing services ensuring pristine vessels all-year-round.


In the Bahamas, Montage Cay resort will debut as a stunning private-island destination featuring deep-water berths equipped with all necessary amenities. Guests can expect seamless experiences from arrival until departure time, while enjoying world-famous attractions such as incredible restaurants and iconic nightlife venues nearby.


Montage Cay Resort Debut as Stunning Private Island Destination
  • Luxurious homes providing ultimate comfort during your stay.
  • Yacht berths accommodating superyachts within its exclusive marina.
  • Nearby access to famous ports like Port de Saint Tropez and Porto Montenegro.



From the glamorous ports of Saint Tropez and Monaco to emerging luxury yacht destinations like St. Barts in the Caribbean Sea, there are plenty of luxurious marinas around the world that cater to pleasure yachts and small boats.

Europe boasts some of the most luxurious marinas, including Marina Grande on Capri Island and Marina di Porto Cervo in Sardinia. The Mediterranean is also home to several marvels such as Ibiza Magna in Spain’s Balearic Islands and Puerto Banus in Marbella along Costa del Sol.

If you’re looking for a superyacht marina, Yas Marina Abu Dhabi or Yacht Haven Grande Caribbean might be your top picks. Vilamoura Marina on Portugal’s Algarve Coast offers an alluring experience, while Athens Marina in Greece provides a tranquil escape from busy city life.

Are there any luxurious marinas to explore? Whether you’re planning your next boating adventure or just dreaming about it, Sun Harbor Marina has got you covered with premier moorings for yachts up to 40m long.

Let Sun Harbor Marina Help With Your Boating Needs!

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